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2021’s Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About The 60 Hour Keto Reboot

The 60 Hour Keto Reboot

Whether you want MØRE energy, to get in shape, eat a healthier diet, or simply want to feel better, the Keto Reboot System is here to help you on your quest for BETTER.

Our 60-Hour Keto Kleanse will Reboot your system back to its N8tive state. The Keto Reboot and Optimization Program are designed to keep your fat burning potential at its peak, but it’s not just about fat loss. Check out the Top 5 Benefits Of the 60 Hour Keto Reboot Program 

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For a lot of people, going 60 Hours Without Food can be a bit nerve racking. Don’t worry, we are here to support you. Grab your Keto Reboot Kit and Join the Free Facebook Coaching Group to get started.

Check out the extensive FAQ (Frequently asked questions) list below and send us a message if we’ve missed anything at


When do I start the program?

Most people start the program on the 2nd Sunday of the month when our massive community does it together. You’ll start on Sunday night… Join the Free Facebook Coaching And Support Group to get additional coaching. If you’d like to start it on your own, then just review the instruction guide contained in your Reboot Kit which you will follow on. daily basis.

Are my supplements or prescription medications to be stopped?

Not at all. If your doctor has prescribed you medications, vitamins, or supplements, you should not stop taking them. Follow your doctor’s orders during the 60-hour

reboot, and drink plenty of water during that time.

Could I experience blood sugar changes over the 60 hours?

Yes, it is possible. Normal blood sugar is 80-100mg/dL. If your body is accustomed to consuming 100-200 grams of carbohydrates a day, you could potentially experience lower than normal blood sugar levels. Please check and monitor your blood sugar levels to maintain normal, healthy ranges. If you do experience low blood sugar, consider adding greens or healthy fats, in addition to your BETTER//BROTH™ to help maintain healthy blood sugar ranges. If blood sugar levels remain out of the healthy range or become drastically high or low, please check with your health care provider.

Does it make sense to feel hungry or not hungry?

It is normal to feel excessively hungry, especially if you have not yet become fat-adapted through a process called keto adaptation where you essentially teach your body to run on ketone bodies and ketone fuel again. To avoid fatigue, make sure you are drinking enough water. It is possible that you are not hungry because your body is burning fat as fuel for fuel. Thus there is no strong desire for food.

What is typical for my bowel movements?

There is nothing abnormal about experiencing discomfort in your GI system, diarrhea, or constipation. When you are fasting, your digestive system may react because your body is used to burning carbs. The size and color of your stool may change during a reboot. We recommend discontinuing the Keto Reboot program if you experience cramps, pain, or more than six bowel movements daily.

What’s going on in my mouth?

When you experience a slight fuzzy tongue or intense thirst, this is normal. You may also notice that your breath smells overly sweet. Because you breathe in acetone when you burn fat, your body produces another type of ketone body. If you are experiencing a bad smell, try adding lemon to your drinking water, brushing more often, or rinsing your mouth with saltwater

Do you recommend the Keto Reboot to everyone?

The Keto Reboot is not recommended for children or women trying to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding.  Before starting a new diet or exercising program people with diabetes with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, or those with a history of eating disorders should first consult with their healthcare provider and use it under medical supervision if required.

Where can I order the Keto Reboot kit?

The Keto Reboot Kit is available directly from us via our Pruvit affiliate website because we are an authorized Pruvit distributor. The reboot kits go on sale from the 1st-15th of each month, and also mid month. If it’s currently between those dates, you can click here to order. If not, just click here to be added to the Waiting List and we will notify you when they are on sale again, so the Lab Ninjas can get you set up.

Do I need to be on the Ketogenic/Keto (High Fat – Low Carb) Diet to get the benefits of the 60 Hour Keto Reboot program?

Absolutely not, and in fact we have a lot of customers who eat intuitively or follow another eating plan who do the reboot with us each month. Our goal is to help you become metabolically flexible and be able to run on carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and Ketones. Following the 60 hours, a lot of clients continue taking the Keto OS Nat because it is a very efficient energy source that helps with sustained energy, appetite control, brain function, sleep and mood.

Are pregnant or breastfeeding women eligible to try the Keto Reboot?

The answer is no. The Keto Reboot is not recommended for women trying to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, calorie reduction is significant, so the Keto Reboot program is beneficial.

Is it normal to experience changes in body temperature?

The answer is yes. A hot or sweaty body, clammy skin, or feeling cold are familiar feelings. The brain reserves energy for itself when the body is stressed. Due to this, your fingers and feet may feel colder as your body switches to burning fat instead of carbs. Your body will burn fat if you feel hot and sweaty. You can decrease body heat by wearing light clothing. You can also add a layer of clothes if you are feeling cold.

Is it normal to feel strong emotions?

The answer is yes. You may feel distressed once you stop eating sugar and carbohydrates since your body is used to being comforted by these types of foods. Take charge of your life. Do you need food, or are you just thirsty? Pay attention to your body.

During the Keto Reboot, what can I drink?

The best way to maximize your results with this program is to only drink water and the supplements included in the Keto Reboot kit should be consumed during the reboot unless your doctor prescribes it. These include coffee, tea, alcohol, and any other beverages. When in doubt, always ask yourself if the item is in the kit?

Should I take electrolytes?

No, the Keto Reboot kit is intended to restore lost during normal diuretic processes within 60 hours after purchase. If you experience headaches or dehydration, we recommend you drink more water and add Pink Himalayan salt.

Will this help me lose weight?

We like to focus on losing fat and inches/centimetres rather than weight loss, because that can mean losing fat and muscle. As we age we want to maintain as much muscle as possible.

What should I do with the unused portion of the product if I don’t use them all?

Just store those unused items for another day

Can I work out during the 60 hours?

Everyone feels different during their Reboot and in fact, each Reboot experience can be different depending on what your eating habits have been before starting, stress levels, and other health factors that may have changed. Always listen to your body and check with your physician if you have any questions. For most people, a light workout or walking is suitable.

What should I eat for my first meal after completing the Keto Reboot?

Since your digestive system has gone 60 hours without food, it’s important not to rush into eating large meals after finishing the 60 hours. Start with your KETO//OS® PRO™ (OS Pro Protones) which is high quality protein and ketone mix. Then when you are hungry again, consider having a small meal like one boiled egg, a handful of spinach, half an avocado, and one slice of bacon.

Can I purchase the Mitoplex, Signal OS or other Prüvit Products separately?

Yes, if you purchase all of those products HERE. Be sure to use our referrer code “joeketo”.

Why can’t I purchase the Better Broth (Upgraded Bone Broth) in my country?

Currently the BETTER BROTH is only available in the USA and Canada. However this company is in hypergrowth and we are expand quickly to countries all over the world including the UK, EU, Asia and Mexico.

How can I accelerate my results and develop long term lifestyle changes?

That’s easy…keep drinking your Pure Therapeutic Ketones and Mitoplex into your daily regimen, train your body to do daily intermittent fasting, and Reboot with us monthly. Check out this optimization guide for other great ideas on how to keep improving.

How much water should I be drinking?

For most people, it’s 2-3 Litres of water. If you start experiencing headaches, it’s usually dehydration or low minerals, so drink more water with a sprinkling of pink salt.

What are the top benefits of the Pruvit Keto Reboot Program besides lower body fat?

Check out our most popular blog Top 5 Benefits Of the 60 Hour Keto Reboot Program 

Are Exogenous Ketones new supplements?

Yes, they were developed for the USA Navy Seals as a super fuel in 2014

Does the OS Nat come in different or new flavors, or just the flavors that come in the Reboot Kit?

Yes, there are always new flavors being developed and you can save 22% off when you spend over $150USD.  At the moment, there are over 12 different flavors available.

What happened to the Keto Kalm Tea in the Reboot Kits?

The Keto Kalm tea has been replace with the Signal//OS Tablets that target DNA repair, creates a better sleep, eliminates damaged cells, improves focus, and enhances the immune system

Are there other ways, besides using the Keto Reboot Kit or being on a keto diet (ketogenic diet) that I can do to increase my ketone levels?

Using ketone salts as a fuel source, such as Prüvit KETO//OS® or KETO//OS Max, as a supplement can give you a jump start on getting into ketosis and increase ketone levels within 30 to 60 minutes of taking the product. Using coconut oil and MCT oil as part of the diet can help increase and sustain ketone levels as well.

What is Pruvit’s Refund Policy?

Click HERE to view the refund policy

How can I get the best price for my Pruvit Products?

We love to help our customers get the best deals. Join with our referral site and set up your monthly smartship order to receive 22% off your reboot and other Pruvit Products each month and get enrolled in the free products program. Send us an email and we can give you more details


8 thoughts on “2021’s Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About The 60 Hour Keto Reboot

  1. Tara Watts says:

    Can you have celery or Bette during this cleanse

    1. Kristy says:

      Hey Tara, during the 60 Hours it’s recommended to only take in what’s in the kit to get the best results.

  2. Sherri Guistwite says:

    Can you get reboot without caffeine being I can’t have it?

    1. Kristy says:

      Hey Sherri, at the moment the kit only comes with a mix of caffeine and decaf. Do you have a local Pruvit Promoter that could swap your caffeinated for some decaf?

  3. Akuria Alexander says:

    Is it necessary to do the kit on the times that’s on the box? I’m not good with time management because of a busy lifestyle and I won’t be able to drink my ketones at those times.

    1. Kristy says:

      Hi Alexander, thank you for the question. The times are a guide to help you stay further fueled throughout the day, but listen to your body and adapt them as needed. Would also recommend drinking more water and adding some pink salt to your day. Good luck and enjoy!

  4. Leilani says:

    Should I still do fitness during the 60 hour Keto Reboot? I know that fasting can be taxing but fitness is part of my daily routine.

  5. Leilani says:

    Should I still do fitness during the 60 hour Keto Reboot?

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