About Joe & Kristy

Meet Joe Rogister, Kristy Walker, and their daughter Kai! Before discovering the Keto lifestyle, Kristy and Joe held stressful jobs that took a toll on their mindset and health. However, after being given the opportunity to learn about ketones and ketosis, they began making transformative changes to their physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. The couple was introduced to a network of positive, like-minded individuals, and were able to exchange insights on how to design healthy, stress-free lives. After achieving incredible results from the Keto lifestyle and products, Joe and Kristy decided to start Keto Evolved, a company that gives the ability to work from home with their daughter Kai and the opportunity to connect with others seeking to make positive changes in their lives. The couple is inspired to help families and individuals learn about low sugar lifestyles, and how making small changes can lead to big, positive impacts for adults and children in the long run. So far, Kristy, Joe, and Kai have helped thousands of people globally achieve their goals, and are continually motivated to help others realize their potential and break away from stressful routines!

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Kristy Walker


Meet Kristy! Her passion is to help families and individuals break away from financial and health-related stresses.

Kristy held a demanding senior position in a large corporate company, and was trapped in a stressful, confined, day-to-day routine. She did not have time to prioritize her health, and her mental and physical well-being declined. However, after she gave birth to her and Joe’s daughter, Kai, Kristy developed an autoimmune disease. Unfortunately, this further contributed to Kristy’s deteriorating wellness, and she struggled with her energy, mood, focus, and sleep. Some days she could barely get out of bed, let alone care for a newborn. Kristy was unable to function as a mother, could not work, and struggled to complete simple day-to-day tasks.

When Kristy was trapped in a state of exhaustion, Joe had to manage all household responsibilities. He worked long hours to support the family, but after 5 months on maternity leave, Kristy had to return to work to help pay the bills. She continually struggled with tiredness and stress, and was recommended exogenous ketones by a friend in the medical field. With Joe’s background in nutrition and knowledge of scam products, the couple was skeptical about the benefits of ketones at first. However, in desperation to find a solution and return to her energetic self, Kristy tried Keto//OS.

Within a few weeks, the product lifted her energy, improved her mental clarity, and revived her sense of self – it was a total turning point, and Kristy began to thrive again in all areas of life. She even lost a bit of fat in the process, which she always says was just a bonus! Most importantly, she could be there for Kai and Joe, and have confidence their family could design a healthy, rewarding routine. This life-changing shift from Keto//OS inspired her and Joe to start their company, Keto Evolved, and within 18 months of opening, Kristy was able to make this her full-time occupation. Since then, she has never looked back on the corporate struggle, and is passionate about helping other individuals and families realize their potential and break away from things that create stress and self-disbelief. Kristy hopes that her story will encourage others to take more chances to create the lifestyle of their dreams, and to prioritize wellness in all areas of life.

Joe Rogister


Joe is a Certified Nutritional Therapist & Personal Trainer, and has dedicated his life to creating platforms that make healthy living achievable for anyone.

When Joe was first introduced to exogenous ketones, he was skeptical that it was just another fad diet promising clients incredible transformations, but giving them poor, short-term results. With his background in nutrition, he had seen every “miracle” product on the market and actually tried Keto//OS to debunk its positive claims. However, to his surprise, Joe felt better than he ever had. Within three days, Joe had laser mental focus and clarity, and started improving all of his personal bests in CrossFit. He shared the product with his wife Kristy, and the pair recognized the incredible potential Keto//OS could bring to other people’s lives.

Joe began his career in corporate sales, but discovered that being an employee did not fulfill his potential. However, when he attempted trials with business ownership, he was the hardest working and lowest paid employee. Joe knew better had to exist, and was willing to take risks to achieve a life with meaning and flexibility to work from home. In addition, he wanted to merge his passions for nutrition and helping others succeed. With the quest to share his new Keto//OS findings, Joe studied the network marketing model and realized its alignment with the future of the workforce. This was the dawn of the Keto Evolved business, and within 18 months of starting, Joe and Kristy achieved financial independence, the ability to work from anywhere in the world, and a well-balanced, stress-free schedule. Most importantly, they were able to spend quality time with their daughter Kai and be healthy as a family.

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To date, the Keto Evolved team has built the largest network of international distributors, their goal being to create an education platform to help others improve their overall wellbeing by eating healthy, carb-appropriate foods. Joe, Christy, and their team have been able to assist thousands across the world in finally breaking away from fad diets, and achieving long-term health with a ketogenic lifestyle and Keto//OS products. Joe’s personal development story has enabled him to provide immense value to anyone serious about pursuing success, and he hopes to continue changing lives with Keto Evolved!