Reports show a staggering 85% of people are unfulfilled in their profession, but at Keto Evolved, we strive to change that narrative by giving others opportunities to design flexible, rewarding careers on their own terms. Our business model is to enable people to find their better, and when joining our community of positivity, you too can inspire others to feel incredible while building a career you love.
Manifest Your Success

Hello! Our names are Joe Rogister and Kristy Walker, and we are international expansion leaders with Pruvit. At our company Keto Evolved, we have developed a team that has personally impacted over 120,000 people in 24 countries.  We provide individuals the opportunity to create a business online, giving them the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world on their own terms. Our passion is to help others feel incredible, and this is the driving force behind Keto Evolved’s business model and vision.

Are you seeking to take control of your own schedule, create income from home, and be surrounded by a network of positive, highly motivated people? Design the life you want, and join thousands of others taking part in this rapidly unfolding success story!

Are You Looking to Build a Rewarding Business While Helping Others Achieve Their Goals?

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Are you ready to break away from the stressful grind and find a career you are genuinely fulfilled in? If you’re looking to design your own schedule or venture into becoming your own at-home entrepreneur for the first time, we encourage you to surround yourself with a positive community that supports your vision. Our passion is helping others become the best version of themselves, and our enthusiasm has led to outstanding success in Keto Evolved, Pruvit’s fastest-growing international team!

In only a few years we have designed a business we absolutely love, connected with a supportive network of friends, had the ability to work from home, travel, learn new skills, and help people. Most importantly, we can prioritize spending quality time with our family. Achieving this lifestyle is simpler than you may expect.  We succeeded by taking advantage of a fantastic opportunity to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who wanted more for themselves and others by sharing a truly beneficial product. When you harness your passion and surround yourself with people who celebrate and nurture your achievements, the opportunities for personal growth and building your online business are truly exciting.

This lifestyle is achievable for anyone with a desire to help others succeed, and with the support of the extensive community Pruvit and Keto Evolved have recruited. Diversity is our strength, and our business model has attracted team members from broad backgrounds that bring unique skillsets and resources. Keto Evolved has ambassadors from all walks of life including: stay-at-home parents, corporate executives, athletes, actors, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, tradespeople, students, aestheticians, and salon owners, pilots… and many more!

120,000 team members, 24 countries, 4 continents, and 1 mission to uplift others.


Keto Evolved is currently looking to grow our team and expand into other countries around the world. If you seek to bring business and health opportunities to others in your region, please get in contact with us!

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Joe RogisterAKA JOE KETO


“Our mission is to join forces with those wanting to achieve a higher quality of life and greater independence By helping others become the best version of themselves, we can reach new levels of success together in business and in life. We’re dedicated to continually learning and growing and have a passion to help others do the same. Together we can and will accomplish amazing things!”


Should I join Pruvit?

Surrounding yourself with individuals that celebrate and nurture your accomplishments is key to unlocking your true potential. Although passion is a powerful force, it alone and untargeted will not take you far. Giving drive direction is fundamental to reach your goals, and the community at Pruvit has the experience, reputation, and network, to level up your opportunities. In addition, their products are at the cutting edge of the biggest health revolution in decades, making Pruvit an unrivaled leader in the keto marketplace.

Why did I specifically choose Pruvit?

  • Genuine leadership that curates truly effective marketing strategies
  • A product that can easily be promoted online & in person
  • The product’s preexisting leverage and system that duplicates successes
  • Pruvit is a stable company in the top 100 of all direct selling companies in the world
  • A product I would buy even if there was no compensation plan
  • The product has mass market appeal that everyone desires and needs
  • A product that would enhance my personal brand and help me better myself
  • An inclusive, abundant, and supportive company culture and environment
  • A product that is easy to use, healthy, and genuinely effective for me and thousands of others

Do I need to be an expert in ketones and ketosis?

Absolutely not!

Anyone can do it, even if you don’t have any knowledge of nutrition (and I mean any!)

Our team has created the most comprehensive education platform that answers any questions you could ever have about the product, the business, and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your role simply is to:

  1. Try the merchandise to create your own product testimonial.
  2. If you enjoyed your exogenous ketones, share it and the product experiences of others to inspire people to give it a try with our “money-back guaranteed” program.

Do I need to have experience in MLM, Network Marketing, or Direct Sales?

Absolutely no experience is necessary!

Pruvit utilizes COMMUNITY BASED MARKETING – they have revolutionised the network marketing or MLM model and put a huge focus on customer experiences, ground breaking technology, education, and community support. Pruvit’s corporate leadership has done does extensive research to raise industry standards and improve the shortcomings of those aged, obsolete models. In fact, economists are deeming Pruvit’s structure and technique one of the best business models of the 21st century!

In addition, our team at Keto Evolved has taken this even further to provide additional tools and training that will take you from zero to community marketing based HERO at whatever pace you desire.

We simply have a better way!

What kind of support and training is offered?

From the first day you start with the Keto Evolved team, you will lock arms with a team of people who are proven successes in the business. You will receive their mentorship, advice, and expertise until you too have established accomplishments. This process begins in The Better Way Business Academy our exclusive, in-house training center!

The Keto Evolved team will teach you everything you need to know in simple online training, supplemented by one-on-one sessions and team trainings weekly. You’ll get and as much as you desire, depending on the speed you move through the course. You determine the pace, and we match your efforts!

The entire business model is designed around providing an additional and secondary income stream, so 99% of the people entering the business will start casually or part-time. Some people (like us) wish to have their Pruvit income overtake the income from their current job, but no matter what your goals are, we will work directly as a team to achieve your unique outlook.

What if I'm NOT a good sales person?

That is perfect! If you were good at sales, we would have to teach you how not to sell! Nobody wants to be “sold to” anymore, and Keto Evolved instead focuses on directing people to our education platform. Potential customers review the information that is relevant to them, and then decide how to proceed themselves. If they choose to try our products or programs, then our team can help them get it for the best price and ensure they have the best resources to obtain the most from the program.

Our model is more about finding the best way to help people and be of service, rather than selling.

What if I've NEVER owned a business before?

That is no problem! The company has already set up all the infrastructure that you will require. They take all the heavy lifting out for you, and stress, time commitments, and risks are vastly minimized. Partnering with Keto Evolved ensures that overhead costs are limited, and you will not have the responsibility of managing employees or reporting to others.

In addition, Keto Evolved will train you in any other business skills you personally need. However, remember that the most important ingredient for success is a desire to help others and an ambition to grow each day. We will give your drive direction, ensuring that every step you take will lead you closer to your goals!

Why should I work with you?

When my wife and I started in this business, we had a dream and image of what the industry could deliver and evolve into. The previous company and team we were involved in simply didn’t deliver, but we knew that better was on the horizon. Kristy and I never lost sight of the end goal, and eventually discovered a community to support our vision and goals.

Pruvit was the right vehicle with the right product that could drive rapid growth, and we further developed the Keto Evolved system to help even more people succeed. For those who have big dreams, this very platform can assist you in helping more people achieve their goals (which is ultimately the key to your success!) With the help of Keto Evolved, you will be able to create a business online, make your own hours, work from anywhere in the world, and join a network of positive, like-minded people.