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Can You Rely on Keto Pills?

Keto Pills

Have you heard about keto pills? Wondering are they just another scam or beneficial for you? If you want to know whether they are beneficial for your health, you have come to the right place.

Here we will provide you with some highlights about the product and much more. Read further to get a complete idea.




What are Keto Pills?

It is important to understand ketones before learning about keto pills. When your body gets into ketosis, your liver develops ketone bodies. These are known as endogenous ketones that your body uses as an alternative to glucose produced by carbohydrates.

On the other hand, keto pills provide ketones to your body without forcing your body to get into ketosis. Besides that, companies are using chemically stable molecules to create pills the can increase the ketone level in your blood. The aim of these molecules is to mimic the same effect of endogenous ketones.

These companies claim that the elevation in ketones levels after consuming the pills can help your body transition into ketosis without any strict diet. While these companies claim to offer you the best product to cut down weight, research shows that higher levels of ketones in the blood can have a negative impact on your liver, forcing it to turn down its own production. This can lead to several problems for you.

What is the Scam Surrounding Keto Pills?

Shark Tank is one of the most popular programs across the globe. This is a platform that endorses and supports thousands of products and helps manufacturers market their products. The amazing commercial success achieved by the show has encouraged both new and famous brands, businesses, and inventors to seek endorsement from any of the show’s stars.

When the invention or product is too bad or bizarre to be presented to the Shark Tank, some entrepreneurs try to fake the endorsement. This is what happens in the case of keto pills.

According to the show’s management, they have never arranged a show for keto pills. Plus, there is no episode or clip on the product. However, still, there have been several digital advertisements for these pills that claim that the product has appeared on Shark Tank.

In fact, you can even find pictures of Lori Grenier, an American television personality, entrepreneur, and inventor, endorsing the keto diet pills. But it is important to note that these pictures are manipulated and fake. Grenier has Tweeted that she does not promote any keto diet and weight loss products.

Well, some keto products have indeed appeared on the show, and the show’s stars have encouraged these things. However, the keto pills are a scam, and using recordings and pictures of celebrities and Shark Tank to gain massive customers’ support is misleading.

Can You Lose Weight with Keto Pills?

When you are on a keto diet, after about four days, your body begins to generate more ketones or keto acids in the bloodstream than usual. This is because the fat cells get into the liver, and the liver transforms them into ketones. Later, your body uses these molecules to produce energy.

As we have discussed, keto pills also help you get ketones in the blood, but without lowering the carb consumption. These pills come with the main ingredient: MCT or medium-chain triglycerides. They are saturated fat extracted from palm and coconut oil.

Since the MCTs have shorted fatty acid chains, your liver can easily break them down into keto acids. This doesn’t mean that these ingredients can help you cut down weight. They only increase the levels of ketones when you are following a proper ketogenic diet.

On the other hand, the keto diet offers you several benefits that you can’t obtain from pills. A keto diet can help you lower the circulation of glucose and insulin in your body, which can help reduce weight more than the ketones themselves.

When you are on a diet, you also don’t feel the urge to eat carbs, which will keep you from putting on weight.

Most importantly, FDA has approved five ingredients for use in products that can boost the weight loss process. Surprisingly, keto pills don’t have any of those drugs in the formula.

Which are the Common Keto Formula Scams?

Apart from using the Shark Tank name to scam the fitness enthusiasts, ketogenic-based product manufacturers have cheated people in different ways. This includes:

Hidden Charges

You can find several keto brands that claim to offer you free shipping or testing. Unfortunately, when you get the free product, you will discover that you have paid the price in full.

Auto Billing

People who don’t carefully read the terms and conditions may get auto-billed every month.

Bogus Endorsements

The fake keto companies not only have used the name of Shark Tank but also several popular individuals, such as Mark Cuban. They use technology to edit views and pictures of celebrities to claim that they have endorsed keto products.

What Keto Pills Alternatives are the Best for you?

Obese and overweight people always look for products to help them lose weight. Well, a few years back, it was impossible to cut down calories with manufactured products. But now, you can lose weight with the help of a Ketone Operating System, which is the best alternative to keto pills. Unlike these keto pills, this product works exceptionally well and does not have any negative impact on your body.

The Ketone Operating System offers you therapeutic ketones that provide nutritional ketosis soon after consuming this product. This way, your body has enough energy to do household chores, hit the gym, or do other necessary activities. The best part is that it has an extremely delicious taste and its convenient bottle makes it easy to drink at anytime, anywhere.

Bottom Line

Keto pills are a scam. Not only because they have manipulated the pictures and recording of Shark Tank, but also because this product is unhealthy. There is a risk that your liver will get impacted by this product while you don’t lose weight. So, make sure to choose a product that is good for your health.


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