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Dr Andi Campitelli has been a Naturopathic Doctor for 15 years and is a one of the foremost natural health experts on keto and a massive Pruvit fan… she does “Live Videos” each week answering questions about everything Ketone related…how to maximize your experience, troubleshooting, and how to feel your best.

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Does taking caffeine free ketones 2 times will give the same results?

If I only take caffeine free ketones twice a day, will I have the same results? Yes, you will. And it depends on the results that you’re looking for. But the caffeine doesn’t change the effectiveness of the ketones (beta hydroxybutyrate) in the actual product that you’re taking. So yes, absolutely, you will still get the benefit of having ketones in your system, whether you’re taking caffeine free or not.

Can you take ketones if you have high blood pressure?

Can you drink ketones if you have high blood pressure? There’s some really interesting research looking at the role of ketones; either through the ketogenic diet or having beta hydroxybutyrate in your system, with respect to blood pressure, cholesterol, waist, circumference, all of those things.  What the researchers have found is that people who have beta hydroxybutyrate in their system actually see greater improvement in those metabolic markers compared to those who maybe following a low fat diet or something like that. We actually do see benefits to blood pressure when we have it when we’re following a ketogenic diet or by consuming beta hydroxybutyrate…drinking ketones shouldn’t raise your blood pressure. Of course, if you have any medical condition at all, you have to talk to your health care provider, as it’s important that they say that that is safe for you to take; especially if you’re medicated as you want to make sure there are no interactions with any other ingredients in the product. Always speak to your healthcare provider to make sure they say it’s safe for you. I do have many patients with high blood pressure taking it, but again, everyone’s health is different so just check with your health care. 

Are ketones affected if anyone has taken out their thyroid?

Are ketones effective for someone without a thyroid? Yes, absolutely. For anyone who’s had their thyroid removed, there should be no issue at all with taking exogenous ketones. Also, no issue with the medications that would be prescribed after you’ve had your thyroid taken out. Obviously, thyroid meds are taken separately from every other medication and every other supplement, and that would apply as well to taking your ketones. Make sure you’re leaving the adequate space between medication and your ketones, but there’s no issue if you don’t have a thyroid and there shouldn’t be any problem with taking your exogenous ketones.

Does ketones help someone to sleep?

What about someone who’s having trouble sleeping? if you’re taking ketone free or caffeine free nat, so usually the ketones are helpful to help somebody sleep the i mentioned earlier the signal of OSpm is very common with the 5-htp and things like that but the ketones themselves have also been shown to be very calming very it helps to trigger the release of GABA which is a very calming neurotransmitter. So usually we find that the ketones help somebody sleep even if they’re taking the caffeine free version. If that’s not the case for you then I just encourage taking it earlier in the evening.

we know that beta hydroxybutyrate is also a fuel for the brain and it causes a lot of it can make a lot of changes in terms of mental clarity brain fog that you might be experiencing during the day so if you’re finding that when you take it later in the evening it’s disrupting your sleep then just take it earlier in the day. So although that’s not a common outcome, I always say that anyone can respond to anything in any way. Just because it’s a typical response in most people doesn’t mean that that’s how every person will respond when they take it. It’s also entirely possible that some people will have the opposite effect from what we expect. So, if that’s you, the adjustment would be to be taken at a different time of day earlier and not close to bedtime. For an even deeper sleep,  you want to consider adding the Signal//OS PM tablets which are designed to improve sleep. 

You also might want to do a little trial and find out if it’s other ingredients in the ketones that are disrupting your sleep or is it the beta hydroxybutyrate itself? So maybe test by making up a Better Broth (US only) and sipping on it before bed to see if it disrupts your sleep.  This can help you identify if it’s the ketones or if it’s something else that’s affecting your sleep quality.

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