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Keto//OS PRO – The Perfect Marriage of Ketogenic Protein and Ketones Together

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We are so excited to launch this brand NEW flavour, LEMON SHORTBREAD, Keto//OS PRO…The First ketogenic protein infused with Ketones incorporating over 9 patents with it’s technology.

Why we love this?

Our mission is to help people become metabolically flexible and switch easily from using carbohydrates as energy, to using ketones as energy. Back and forth…just like a hybrid switching from gas to electricity.  We love tools like pure therapeutic ketones and MCT oil to help this process.

These Keto Pro (Protones) drinks include a high-quality pumpkin seed protein that is naturally vegan but also provides a full amino acid profile for absorbability and useability by the body. Pumpkin seeds are well known for their high level of anti-oxidants, like Vitamin-E.

It includes a high-quality MCT oil that can help combat the aging process. This promotes bodies creating their own ketones by the liver and also helps with cognitive function and appetite suppression.  There are also great scientific articles about the benefits of MCT on weight loss due to its ability to increase levels of peptide YY and leptin which both help the feeling of satiety or fullness. With a huge focus on gut health at the moment and the conversation around the gut being your second brain, it’s also encouraging to know that MCT oil may support the gut lining and development of good bacteria in the gut; which could also lead to improved weight loss.

Keto//OS Pro (Protein and Ketone Drink) is fantastic as a post-workout drink to help with enhanced absorption, reduced muscle breakdown, building more muscle, accelerated fat loss, improved recovery, and supporting immune function.  It also contains the only fermented, bio-identical ketone on the market.

A lot of people believe that it’s impossible to build muscle on a low carb or ketogenic diet because you don’t have the insulin, but the lab at ASPI in Tampa, Florida, were able to show that when you have your ketones elevated you have these muscle-sparing effects of ketones but also this anabolic or muscle-building effects of ketones that can happen and you can gain just as much muscle on a well-formulated ketogenic diet or in ketosis as you can by having a high carbohydrate diet. Ketones act as muscle builders they actually trigger using something known as muscle protein synthesis, very similar to how protein works…It’s really working on both ends of the spectrum.  See the full details by watching the video below

For those of you who just want a Dairy-Free protein that won’t turn your tummy and are looking to optimise your health, grab your 3 days trial here.

If you’d like to pick your own flavours and check out some of our favourite bio-hacking tools, click here.

Drop a comment if you questions or want a free copy of our 21 Day Keto Meal Guide

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