Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step towards changing your life forever.
You’re here because of a feeling; a feeling that something about conventional fat loss advice just isn’t quite right..
Maybe you tried eating smaller meals. But then you just started snacking more.
Maybe you tried giving up all the foods you love. But then the willpower required to keep that going took too much effort and you just went back to your “old bad habits.”
Maybe you tried following some crazy fad diet in the hopes that THIS TIME it would work. But then that became too hard to stick to and you just went back to your “old bad habits.”
Truth is, there’s a PLETHORA of techniques, fad diets, cleanses, and exercise plans that are notoriously ineffective for fat loss, because they’re rarely designed as an EASY lifestyle change, and they rarely work LONG TERM.
Far too often, one “cheat day” turns into two… four… or six. Then before you know it, you’ve fallen off the bandwagon and can’t seem to get back on.
And then you start thinking, “why bother…this may help me lose weight temporarily, but I’m sure I’ll gain it all back anyway”
So what’s the answer? Are we destined to count calories and with paranoia? To never enjoy the good stuff ever again? Or to starve ourselves into stress and frustration? Without ever getting any LONG TERM change?
I’m Kristy. For the last 6 years, my husband Joe and I have helped people and their families feel younger and happier. We’ve helped them break away from the things that created stress and disbelief in themselves. We’ve helped them realize their full potential.
In his 30’s Joe had a high-stress life, gained excessive weight, and basically felt like crap. He knew he couldn’t maintain this lifestyle and still be the husband and father he wanted to be. This led to him discover better ways of eating and exercising, and then eventually to becoming a Nutritional Therapist.
I was a high performer in a high-pressure corporate sales training role, working with surgeons in the operating room. I saw the direct impact that poor dietary and lifestyle choices had with people who now needed heart surgeries, bariatric/weight-loss surgery, and even cancer/oncology surgery.
Then when I gave birth to our daughter, my WHOLE WORLD got rocked…
I went from being a competent manager and multitasker, working long hours at a high level to being a heartbroken, tired and disappointed mom who ate sugary foods and drank coffee all day just to stay half awake. Each day I counted the minutes before I could sleep again. Even making meals seemed like a big undertaking. All of this led to a decline in my moods and me not wanting to socialize with even my closest friends.
It was right around this time that my friend, who I trusted implicitly, introduced me to a drink that he thought could help me with energy, sleep, mood, focus, sugar cravings, and even FAT LOSS. My husband Joe was super skeptical and spent days researching it so he could prove that it was a scam. I on the other hand was so desperate to feel happy and human again that I would have tried anything…
So I ordered some of these magic drinks and started taking one per day. I was shocked that Joe also tried it because you could tell he still had his reservations, but the research he had uncovered looked exciting and made him curious. I secretly think he didn’t want to miss out 🙂
Within a few weeks AMAZING things began to happen…
Joe lost 13 lbs. (6kg) in 6 weeks. We honestly think he didn’t have any fat to lose; he was already doing CrossFit and eating Paleo. We are kicking ourselves that we didn’t take a before picture for either of us. Here’s Joe after 6 weeks:
Joe 6 weeks
At that 6 week point I was so excited to see big improvements in my mood, cravings for sugar and energy. I was pleasantly surprised when my clothes started feeling loose. Fat loss wasn’t really a goal for me at that time because I was still breastfeeding and wasn’t focused on losing a ton of weight.
The fact that I stopped being so groggy and emotional, and wasn’t reaching into the chocolate drawer multiple times a day had me hooked even without any of the other benefits.
AND this was just the beginning…
Fast forward 18 months and I was able to retire to work alongside Joe, by which time we had not only TRANSFORMED our health, but had switched our focus to helping others do the same..
I love this photo. It shows how even after 10 years, with the right coaching and tools, we can be FITTER and HEALTHIER. Joe’s 37 year old photo was right smack in the middle of his high stress time and ten years later at 47 years old he is kiteboarding, surfing, exercising and helping others achieve their best life.
Meanwhile, I became happier, more energetic, and finally felt like a fantastic mom, able to OUTLAST a busy little daughter who would give any tri-athlete a run for their money..
Kristy Daughter
Keto Evolved
So how did we do this?
By USING our SECRET HEALTH WEAPON for FAT LOSS, ENERGY, MOOD, and VITALITY…watch our short video below to learn more..
As you can see in the short video above, the benefits of ketosis are real, profound and fast acting. However, actually achieving a state of ketosis through diet and exercise alone is DIFFICULT. Some say it’s as simple as just cutting carbs, but that’s not the case.
Not all fats are created equal, so you need the right balance of these. You need protein levels that are adequate, but not excessive. And to speed up the process, you need regular exercise and fasting. But even then, THIS IS NOT A QUICK FIX.
But you can make this process EASIER…
Ketosis is a truly amazing experience. You feel less hungry, you crave less unhealthy foods, you feel more focused, and your energy levels go THROUGH THE ROOF. Many people have told us about how they’re now spending less time on the sofa and more time out enjoying life or finishing old projects.
Another awesome benefit you get to enjoy when your brain is fuelled by these incredible ketones is the improved mood. Managing stress and keeping your cool has never been easier. But there’s no way we can experience any of this without following a strict keto diet and exercise regime, right? WRONG!
We want to promote a way ANYONE can EASILY experience what we have.
And that is what we had in mind with our SECRET HEALTH WEAPON…The Pruvit Ketone Operating System; a cutting edge formula UNLIKE ANYTHING that’s ever come before…
Beautiful, NATURAL, therapeutic ketones that provide nutritional ketosis WITHIN 1 HOUR of consumption. It really is that easy!
  • Count calories
  • Feel restricted
  • Feel tired and struggle with energy
  • Eat only BORING foods
  • Buy only STRETCHY pants
  • FIRES up your fat loss
  • BOOSTS your energy
  • REDUCES cravings for unhealthy food
  • REDUCES cravings for unhealthy food
  • IMPROVES your mood and sleep
  • OPTIMIZES your skin and digestion
“So how do I get started?”
Well…we’re so convinced you’ll LOVE how this makes you feel, we want to do whatever we can to make this LAST for you.
So here’s what we recommend:
keto evolved 10 day challenge
All you have to do is either:

 Drink two natural ketone drinks per day for 10 days

Or if you’d like to stretch your supply:

 Drink one natural ketone drink per day for 20 days

Then LISTEN TO YOUR BODY – it will NATURALLY start craving healthier foods and keep you feeling SATISFIED and ENERGIZED.
Once you get started, you’ll be AMAZED by how different you will feel and the motivation you can get by just drinking these.
So here’s what we’d like to offer you..
We know this concept of drinking natural ketones is new. We understand you may have no idea HOW POWERFUL this is for MAJOR life changes.
And that’s why, along with our offer, let us emphasize just how EASY staying healthy can be, by including FREE access to our most popular eBook – “Drink Wine, Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight”
eBook Drink Wine Eat Chocolate Lose Weight
($19.99 Value)
In this comprehensive, science-backed text, you will learn:
  • EASY swaps in the kitchen that will keep your favorite foods full of flavor
  • How to EAT OUT without slowing down your progress
  • How to TRICK YOUR FAMILY into eating less sugar and processed foods
  • What you MUST do before drinking alcohol, to prepare your body effectively
  • What you MUST do, immediately after drinking alcohol, to wake up fresher
  • PLUS our #1 BEST way to beat a hangover
The knowledge you’ll gain from here, along with our beautiful NATURAL ketones, will SUPERCHARGE your weight loss, your health and YOUR LIFE.
We are so confident, that we are offering all these amazing benefits RISK FREE
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We’re so confident you’re going to love the Drink Ketones Challenge and the entire program, that we’re offering a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee. If you use it —and don’t completely love it—we will refund your product purchase, no questions asked.

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“My journey for BETTER started when I got introduced to these drinks and this incredible community with support, education, and inspiration. Initially, I thought they are just trying to sell me another weight loss product that wouldn’t work for me! But, Oh Boy was I wrong!! They insisted that these drinks would put me in ketosis within 60 minutes and I would be able to teach my body to burn fat for fuel, feel better and have more energy. I thought they were crazy. I was a very tired 49-year-old wife, mother to 4 children and 7 fur babies! I ran 2 businesses from home and never made exercise a priority. I was feeling miserable on my dream vacation in Cancun in July 2018, weighing in at 208+ pounds. I have a myriad of health issues- that made me feel 80+ yrs old, tired, and achy! I’m smiling in the picture, but inside I was crying​. To make a long story short -I was ready to get started because I had reached a point of desperation and didn’t want to go to my first weigh in at WW a “Gainer”.
To say the least- I am a changed person. Take a look at me after drinking them for only 2 months. Two months after starting my BETTER journey. I had to go to a wedding and had to buy a dress 4 sizes smaller. Within 4 months I had lost a total of 40 pounds, I had LOST the Negative things in my life and gained so much more!! MORE Friends, MORE energy, MORE restful sleep, MORE money, MORE confidence, MORE Fat loss. This is my story and I have MORE sharing to do because there are so many people that feel like I did. I love this system, incredible community and their awesome life-changing products!”

— Abby G, OH, USA

“ I hadn’t spoken too much about my physical results with Keto//OS NAT, as the part that won me over was how I FEEL. As a personal trainer I have tried and tested all the diets/supplements and training styles I come across… And must say I was extremely sceptical of this product. How can a powder do the work of 3 weeks without carbs? How can my body possibly be in ketosis while I’m still eating carbs? All I can say is my diet didn’t change dramatically, I made smarter choices, some small changes but overall it’s the product that does the work. Physically GREAT. But that’s not what sold me to the product. I can 100% tell the difference between the days I take Keto Os and the days I don’t, my mental clarity is on point, I wake up and take my Keto It’s better than any coffee could ever be. On days without, I have felt sluggish, foggy and with energy fluctuations, constantly fighting between tired and overstimulated due to craving foods for energy, fluctuations, constantly fighting between tired and overstimulated due to craving food for energy, giving me carb crashes. I’m hooked.”

— Alessandia M, Goldcoast, AU

“I watched my dad as he got older and put on weight. He became less active, put on more weight, and became less and less active. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, put on more weight, and with his health declining, I remember thinking, “I am never going to do that. Ever. I’m going to stay active and not let my health decline.

Fast forward, a bit. I was turning 50, and had my birthday at our house with all the kids and grandkids around. Our oldest daughter was taking photos, and she came up to me, and said “Dad! You’re getting fat!” I just blew it off, until the photos came back and to my disappointment I saw my dad. My weight had ballooned to 289 pounds. How did this happen? How did I let my self get this way? I was ashamed. My biggest fear had manifested. I had to do something.

I had worked out all my life, I knew how to do it, so I made a plan and started. I did this diet and that diet, following this plan and that plan. I would lose 20 pounds, put on 10, lose 5 and put back on 10. I went back and forth like this for a while, never really making any headway.

Then my daughter came along again, and she said, “Hey Dad, you need to try this new drink. It will help you with your energy and cravings. It puts you in ketosis.” I said thanks, but no thanks. I had tried them all, and they all have one thing in common. They don’t work. They never do. But she was persistent. For weeks, and months, she kept asking me, and I kept saying no. Finally, just to get her to stop bugging me, I caved in. She gave me a couple. I tried the Blue Ocean flavour. It lit me up like a Christmas tree. It was pure energy, no jitters, just sustained energy. I hit the gym for almost 2 hours until my wife finally made me leave!

That was 18 months ago, and I’ve gone from from 289 down to 206. Fat has just stripped away. I’ve maintained my muscle, and have better energy, better sleep, and no brain fog. I feel like I have actually turned back the clock!”

— Matt H, TX, USA

If you had to pay a personal trainer, dietician, and mindfulness coach to help you achieve all this, you could expect to spend more than $1,000.
We are making the Drink Ketones Challenge Kit and our eBook available for a fraction of that.
It costs just $99 to get started today.