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Kickstart Your Day And Night With Our New KETO KICK Formula

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Whether you want to crush your workout, begin a road trip, dive deep into studying, or smash out that presentation at work, you need to grab some of our NEW Keto Kick.  Simply twist the cap and shoot it back!

So what happens when we put all this together? All kinds of good stuff…

✅ Quick, balanced energy

✅ Enhanced mental clarity

✅ Improved focus

✅ Neuroprotection

✅ Enhanced natural ketone production

That’s a lot for one shot…So don’t miss out on all that good stuff and make sure you start your day RIGHT.

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If you’ve been following us a while or you’re familiar with ketones and the keto diet, you’ll probably know how powerful ketones are for the brain and body as an energy source.  Keep reading below for more nerdy stuff about how Keto Kick achieves all of these great benefits.

This is one of the most amazing things about ketones. The focus. The mental clarity. The amplified brain power while running on ketones is on a whole new level.

And this is what we had in mind when we developed our brand new formula, Keto Kick. It has all those wonderful natural ketones we are known for,  but there’s more…

The new Keto Kick Formula also includes acetyl l-carnitine. It helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondria. Remember learning that the mitochondria were the powerhouse of the cell in high school science class?  Well it’s true, and in order to work optimally, we need to be able to take fatty acids from our body and the foods we eat and bring them into the mitochondria as a fuel source. And that’s exactly what that ingredient does to help support overall energy and longevity.

When we get stressed, our memory and cognitive function decline. A lot of that stress is related to certain neurotransmitters in your brain which are not firing properly. The L-taurine in Keto Kick actually stimulates nerve cells inside of the brain and builds connections between our brain cells. The acetyl tyrosine also helps with stress and has been found in human studies to help overcome stress-induced loss in neurotransmitters.

Click here to order your Keto Kick and give your life the energy and clarity it deserves

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*Available in USA only

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