Emma Martin stumbled upon Pruvit's ``magical Keto drink`` just over a year ago and has absolutely transformed her world by cutting her emotional attachment with food. She's lost almost 4 pants sizes and is on a journey to become the best version of herself. Both physically and mentally, Emma has Evolved!


``So 3 months into it and I'm feeling fabulous, like I did in my 20's! I have so much more energy, so much more clarity, and I'm feeling so much more happy.

Before Keto, I was unhappy, uncomfortable, and became very bloated when I ate anything -especially carbs. I had so many sleepless nights, and I wasn't in the best of health at all.

But all that changed. My life has changed with my daily ``happy juice!`` No bloating, no afternoon slumps any way more happiness. I'm really excited to see my results in another 3 months.

I really urge everyone to try this wonderful drink. Not only do they taste AMAZING, but the way they make you feel is quite something. My life has changed because of them. I'm a better mum to my young boys and I'm a much happier me now.``

Michelle Penrose


``I watched my dad as he got older and put on weight. He became less active, put on more weight, and became less and less active. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, put on more weight, and with his health declining, I remember thinking, ``I am never going to do that. Ever. I'm going to stay active and not let my health decline.``


Fast forward, a bit. I was turning 50, and had
my birthday at our house with all the kids and grandkids around. Our oldest daughter was taking photos, and she came up to me, and said ``Dad! You're getting fat!`` I just blew it off, until the photos came back and to my disappointment I saw my dad. My weight had ballooned to 289 pounds. How did this happen? How did I let my self get this way? I was ashamed. My biggest fear had manifested. I had to do something.

I had worked out all my life, I knew how to do it, so I made a plan and started. I did this diet and that diet, following this plan and that plan. I would lose 20 pounds, put on 10, lose 5 and put back on 10. I went back and forth like this for a while, never really making any headway.

Then my daughter came along again, and she said, ``Hey Dad, you need to try this new drink. It will help you with your energy and cravings. It puts you in ketosis.`` I said thanks, but no thanks. I had tried them all, and they all have one thing in common. They don't work. They never do. But she was persistent. For weeks, and months, she kept asking me, and I kept saying no. Finally, just to get her to stop bugging me, I caved in. She gave me a couple. I tried the Blue Ocean flavour. It lit me up like a Christmas tree. It was pure energy, no jitters, just sustained energy. I hit the gym for almost 2 hours until my wife finally made me leave!

That was 18 months ago, and I've gone from from 289 down to 206. Fat has just stripped away. I've maintained my muscle, and have better energy, better sleep, and no brain fog. I feel like I have actually turned back the clock!``


``LEFT: December 2016 - tired, stressed moody and carrying extra weight.


I've got my life back!``

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Anni Servio


``Just wanted to show you guys what 12 weeks of drinking KETO/OS can do to a face.

I was truly shocked when I came across a picture of me before I started my journey for better. Did not even realize how I worn out I looked before these magical drinks.

I was tired, had saggy skin and few breakouts here and there. Magically, it has all cleared and my face has lifted. People keep saying that I look like I'm 25 when I'm almost 40!

Other incredible changes happened too:
My workouts have improved, I could easily run more and faster than before. I have more energy to move my body.``


``OK, look at these stats in 6 months.

Fat loss of 40 kg
147.3 to 107.3 kgs
Hips 55 to 45``
Waist 54 to 40``
Chest 52 to 48``
Shoulders 56 to 53``
Visceral fat is 30 to 15cc

The photo in the bottom left is of trousers I fitted into 6 months ago, with a 56`` waist. Both being able to wear the shorts in the next photos, and the fat loss that came with it, were my final goal, and they already are comfy, even loosely fitting!``

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And... Keto Evolved continues to help thousands of others achieve their goals!


Coach Sam Beechey was extremely skeptical when he first got introduced to Pure Therapeutic Ketones, but he needed to get into nutritional ketosis faster. His apprehension about the product disappeared when the supplement did exactly what it had promised. Sam achieved a state of ketosis within 60 mins, found that his carb and sugar cravings were in check, and that he had improved improved energy and focus. His overall well being improved, and Pure Therapeutic Ketones made him a calmer, more patient dad and partner.