what are the steps to consider before taking keto os of pruvit



- Start with a 1/2 package for the first 1-2 days, better to start with half an offering since this is new to your body. You can additionally try 1/2 packet in the morning as well as 1/2 package in the afternoon.

- Mix 1/2 packet with 600ml-800ml of water & shake.

- Drink slowly over 30-60 minutes. Do not gulp this down swiftly! Your body requires time to absorb keto effectively.

- You must boost to a complete package or act as long as you really felt fantastic after having a fifty percent. When you boost to 1 complete sachet, likewise raise the water to 800 ml - 1000 ml. You can additionally consume alcohol a second serving of KETO// OS in the afternoon or evening (If you actually wish to go fast to your goals or are looking for a few of the healing impacts).

- KETO// OS can be handled a vacant tummy or with food.


- It is essential to moisten. 75% of people are persistantly dried. Consume 300ml. of plain water prior to mixing KETO// OS or first thing in the early morning.

- Taking KETO// OS or starting a ketogenic diet regimen can deplete your electrolytes so it is essential to consume even more water as well as add sea salt to your food. This will certainly assist renew your electrolytes.

- Updated Electrolytes, Mito// plex, are now available and also optimised for people using Keto. Ask your promoter if these are best for you.


- Within 1 hr of taking KETO// OS test your breath, blood, or urine via any ketone testing tool. But we do not suggest stressing over that. Much like the range, throw away the determining gadget and pass feeling.


* These are suggested for optimum results. Following a ketogenic diet regimen is not always called for to really feel the benefits of KETO// OS.

- Try to consume 30ml of water per pound (or 60 ml per kg) of body weight.

- Eliminate polished sugars. Keep away sweet foods & drinks.

- Eliminate flour, wheat & grains. Restriction yourself to 100g of carbs a day. Make them healthy and balanced carbohydrates-- leafy environment-friendlies are the best.

- Boost your healthy and balanced fats.

- If you aspire and you intend to adhere to a ketogenic diet plan, here is a straightforward guideline: Stay within a % fat/protein/carb ratio: 65% Fats/ 25% Healthy protein/ 10% Carbohydrates

- Consume your last dish prior to 8pm. If you have to consume after, be sure it is fat only.

- Relocate your body more - exercise, run, stroll, do pushups, take the staircases, etc.

- Obtain some excellent rest. Try to get to rest before 11:00 pm.


Once you pick the flavour you like, you can purchase with results guaranteed! (As soon as you purchase a 20 or one month test from your promoter, you are a customer of Prüvit that has the toughest warranty in the Market. If for any kind of factor you do not believe the item shook enough to keep getting it they will provide you your money back) And also it improves ...


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Should I join Pruvit?

That was us just a few years ago. Now I have a business that I absolutely love, a great network of friends and the freedom to work from home, travel, and enjoy spending quality time my family. How did I do it? The short answer is: by taking advantage of a great opportunity to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and sharing a truly beneficial product.
There are some very specific reasons that I chose Pruvit. Here's why:

  • Great Leadership that builds with Marketing Strategies that work
  • A Product that Can Easily be Promoted Online & in Person
  • Leverage and a System that Duplicates
  • A Stable Company in the top 100 of all direct selling companies in the world
  • A product I would Buy Even if there was No Comp Plan
  • A product that has Mass Market Appeal and Everyone Wants and Needs
  • A product that would Enhance my Personal Brand and Help Me Be Better
  • A company that has a Culture of Inclusion, Abundance, and Support
  • A product that is Easy to Use and Effective

Do I need to be an expert in ketones and ketosis?

Absolutely not!
Anyone can do it, even if you don't have any knowledge of nutrition (and I mean any!)
Our team has created the most comprehensive education platform that answers any questions you could ever have about the product, the business, and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. So your role, is to simply:

  1. Try the product to create your own product testimonial
  2. Then share it, and the product experiences of others, to inspire people to give it a try with our "risk free" program

Do I need to have experience in MLM, Network Marketing, or Direct Sales?

Absolutely not!
Pruvit is COMMUNITY BASED MARKETING - which is very different to Network Marketing, MLM, or Direct Sales. These older business models are broken. Pruvit's corporate leadership has gone a long way to raise the standards of the industry and to improve up the short-comings of those old, outdated models. They've gone and enhanced them, in what economists are calling the Best Business Model of the 20th Century.
Our team has taken this one step further to provide additional tools and training that will take you from Zero to Community Marketing Based HERO at whatever pace you desire.
We simply have a better way!

What kind of support and training is offered?

You'll lock arms with a team of people who are proven successes in the business until you are a proven success in the business. This starts from day 1 with The Better Way Business Academy.
Exclusive to our Team, we will teach you everything you need to know in simple online training, backed by one-on-one and team trainings weekly. You'll get and as much as you desire, depending on how fast you want to go. You determine the pace, we match your efforts.
The entire business model is designed around providing an additional and secondary income stream, so 99% of the people entering the business will start casually or part-time. Some people (like us) wish to have their Pruvit income overtake the income from their current job. No matter what your goals are, we will work directly with you to help.

What if I'm NOT a good sales person?

Good! If you were good at sales, we would have to teach you how not to sell! No one wants to be "sold to" anymore. We just direct people to the education platform. They review the info that is relevant to them, and then decide for themselves. If they decide to try it, then we can help them get it for the best price and make sure they have the best resources to get the most from the program.
It's more about finding out how we can help people and be of service, than about selling.

What if I've NEVER owned a business before?

The company has all the infrastructure that you need already set up. They take all the heavy lifting out for you. You don't have employee's and the overheads are limited.
As for any other business skills - we train you. But, remember that the most important ingredient for success is a desire to help others and an ambition to be better. That's what you'll have to bring to the table!

Why should I work with you?

When we started in this business, we had a dream and a vision of what the industry could deliver, and what it could be. The previous company that we were with at the time, and the people involved there, simply didn't deliver. But we didn't lose sight of the end goal.
We found the company that was the right vehicle, with the right product that could drive the growth, and then we developed the system that could help more people succeed. For those who have big dreams, this very platform can assist you in helping more people achieve their dreams (which is ultimately the key to your success!)