Why Everyone Should Own an Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Have you been considering paying for Infrared Sauna sessions or even investing in your own sauna in your home?  The Bio-Hacking community and individuals wanted to improve their health, lose weight, improve pain and stiffness, detox, increase immunity, clear skin, improve circulation and even cellulite.

So what is it? Infrared (IR) is an electromagnetic wave with shorter wavelengths than other coloured lights. This kind of radiation usually forms when objects are heated to a point where they do not glow. There are several places where the IR rays come into use, but infrared saunas are popular due to their extensive benefits.

Experts use far, near, and middle length wavelength IR lights to help people in several ways. Infrared heat is far more efficient than the heat produced in a traditional sauna.  It penetrates deep into the tissue, warming the body below the skin. The heat penetrates through the skin, muscle tissue, and tendons.  These rays can open up the tissue to an inch and a half and penetrate the body. This warms the body and unlocks blood vessels thoroughly in a process called vasodilatation.  It does all of this while using less energy, no steam, and having a higher safety profile.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

The complete applications of the infrared sauna and its benefits are a bit unknown to most people, which is why we are going to mention and cover them in more detail below:


Infrared saunas help individuals increase their blood flow by penetrating the body and stimulating the sweat glands. This makes it easier for the body to sweat and release toxins. Releasing the toxin build-up inside helps the body become healthier and removes heavy metals from the body.

The heavy metals include lead, mercury, cadmium, etc., which are all toxic to our health and can affect the brain, metabolism, and energy. The sauna treatment is also suitable for people who have an addiction to organic and inorganic compounds like alcohol, nicotine, sulfuric acid etc.

Getting rid of the chemicals in your body through increased sweating is an effective and easy method of ensuring that your body replenishes to its healthy state. Several hospitals in the US and Israel also use these IR saunas to boost patients’ health.

Stress and Fatigue Reduction

The IR (infrared) saunas have helped many individuals feel relaxed, refreshed and created a deep therapeutic sleep. It is a simple and effective way to relax, much like having a day at a spa. Owning an infrared sauna means you can have your relaxing break any time you want during the day.

It also positively impacts the body by helping the autonomous nervous system relax and stop running in hyper-drive. Only when this can happen can your body replenish, allowing it to heal effectively.

Prevents Arthritis, Joint Pain and Ache

Muscle and bone inflammation is a common phenomenon that affects a large world population. Achiness, arthritis, back, and joint pain are far too familiar. The infrared light and heat help reduce inflammation by increasing blood flow. Inflammation is a big topic at the moment as some doctors believe that inflammation is the cause behind almost every disease.   Having an auto-immune thyroid condition, I’m quite excited to see the direct impact on my autoimmune markers as I continue to use the sauna five days a week.

The deep penetrating heat from the IR sauna relaxes the body and carries out the metabolic processes with much more ease. In addition, it also delivers oxygen-rich blood circulation throughout the body, improving overall health. It can also help people of all ages increase their mobility, flexibility and release tension in the body.

Several studies suggest that the heat from the IR saunas can help minimize arthritis health issues. Moreover, it can be helpful for other issues like sprains, bursitis, neuralgia, muscle spasms, joint stiffness etc.

Weight Loss

Unfortunately, Obesity is a common issue for people around the world, and several studies suggest that IR saunas can help people lose weight, which can then have a cascade effect on so many other health conditions like high blood pressure and high blood sugar. It is because the IR saunas offer the same boost to the cardiovascular system as it experiences during running. These saunas allow the body to pump more blood and calories in addition to producing sweat.

This term is called a passive aerobic workout because the body experiences the same benefits as it would in traditional exercise. Due to the increased heat, the body is much more relaxed in the IR saunas and sweats to cool itself down. It also makes the heart pump faster. Multiple studies suggest that a single 30-minute IR sauna session can burn around 300 to 800 calories.

We chose the Sunlighten M-Pulse sauna because it’s the brand with the most clinical studies and is referred the most by practitioners.  It has multiple pre-set programs, with weight loss being my favorite so far because I seem to experience the most sweating with this program.

Immune System Support

Infrared saunas make the body experience an artificial fever. Fever is the body’s response to accelerating immunity and metabolism in the body. This usually occurs as a response to an infection. However, the IR saunas can help individuals develop this same condition artificially with a fever. They also help the body build resistance towards certain diseases, promoting overall health.

Prevention Against Skin Infections And Clear Skin

The sweat from IR saunas removes deep impurities inside the body and dead cells, which help make the skin get its lost glow back. The increased blood circulation carries the natural nutrients in the body to the surface, improving skin quality. These effects aren’t limited to the skin tone only. There is also a difference in the texture, colour, elasticity and overall skin quality.

Infrared saunas are also ideal for fighting against skin issues like acne, eczema, scarring assist against psoriasis, etc.  After only a week of daily 30 minutes sessions, we noticed how clear and smooth our skin was getting.

Heart Health

The treatment from IR saunas helps keep the heart healthy with a balanced cholesterol level, reduces chronic pain and increase the therapeutic value of the treatment for patients dealing with cardiovascular issues. It is also helpful for patients with severe problems like chronic congestive heart disease (CHD). Studies also suggest that sauna treatment can help fight against symptoms of heart failure and malfunction.

Diabetic Support and Infrared Sauna

IR sauna helps deal with several issues related to diabetes and can aid people in managing diabetes. There are several side effects of diabetes that the IR sauna treatment can help with. These include:

  • Toxin elimination
  • Infrared resonance
  • Internal organ cleansing
  • Improved blood circulation

Cellulite Appearance

Cellulite is the packets of fat that get stored under the skin, which may cause uneven orange peel-like skin. It is quite common with most female adults and is less frequent with men. Several areas around the body, including the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen, may experience this issue. However, IR sauna can help reduce this issue by boosting metabolism.

Although we purchased our Sunlighten M-Pulse Sauna for the health benefits, I would never turn down an opportunity to reduce cellulite and smoother looking thighs…

Bottom Line

Having IR saunas allows individuals to experience tons of health benefits. Adding saunas to your daily self-care routine will help you enjoy a wide range of physical and mental benefits. Our other biggest recommendations for improving health, reducing stress, and avoiding overwhelm are reducing sugar and drinking Pure Therapeutic Ketones.  Since being introduced to low sugar substitutes and drinking Ketones, we have totally transformed our lives, and we are now on a mission to help more people do the same and have fun learning how easy it can be.


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